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On Further Tales Mod for Minecraft 1.10.2

On Further Tales is a great mod that’s been designed for players who think that they’ve already beaten every challenge that Minecraft has to offer. The mod has been built to add a bunch of great end-game content for players to enjoy so if you think that Minecraft doesn’t have any more challenges to offer you then this mod is here to change that. It doesn’t really add any new items, but it adds a bunch of great new places for players to explore. These places are filled to the brim with danger so we advise caution before you enter them.




The On Further Tales mod implements a portal into the game which will take you into the Further. The Further is basically a dimension that has multiple different kinds of biomes as well as various kinds of custom mobs that are quite difficult to take down. The Further also holds many secret areas that you’ll only locate if you’re good at exploration. Onto the biomes themselves, there’s the Purdue which is home to two extremely dangerous mobs known as the Rensansito and Venacki, the Existensia which is a place where reality pretty much breaks, the Seradaak which is quite similar to the Overworld and alongside these there are various other biomes as well that are crawling with danger and intrigue.




In order to get to the Further, you’ll first have to craft the portal and this portal is made with Purpur Blocks and then lit with an Ender Eye. Once you have the portal ready, all you have to do is cross through it, and you’ll be taken to the Further. All things considered, On Further Tales is an excellent mod that adds hours upon hours of gameplay content to Minecraft that players can enjoy.

On Further Tales Mod for Minecraft 1.10.2 Changelogs

  • The whole thing was remade!
  • EnderWerps drop Enderpills
  • Darkness was removed
  • All mobs give more experience points
  • Oceans will now spawn in the further!
  • Mystico was removed
  • Wastelands was added
  • Horses now spawn in Seradak

How to install On Further Tales Mod?

  1. Make sure Minecraft Forge is installed
  2. Put the jar in your mods folder
  3. Run the game!

Download Link for On Further Tales Mod

for Minecraft 1.10.2

Credit: Martinbv95 – Original Thread on CursForge

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