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Weapon XP Mod for Minecraft 1.8

The concept of weapons that level up along with the character using them isn’t exactly a new one. But it is done very well in Minecraft’s Weapon XP mod, which makes weapons stronger the more often they are used. Unfortunately, it doesn’t make them immune to the wear and tear which are common when slashing monsters, chopping leaves and killing off livestock for food. This is actually a good thing though since it will make the player work hard to keep their high level weapons alive through repairs rather than just tossing them out and replacing them with fresh swords as needed.


Because swords are given similar XP bars as humans and they need the same amount of experience to gain their levels, it’s easy to figure out the best way to level them up. Any reliable mob spawner will give you a steady stream of baddies to beat up on, which means a steady stream of experience for your hungry blade. As weapons become stronger, they may be affected by permanent potion effects, like night vision or power, making them even stronger than they would normally be. There are common, uncommon, rare and epic versions of weapons as well, allowing for a high degree of variety here.

Besides permanent helpful effects, your weapons will also start to add harmful negative effects to the monsters and mobs that you hit with said weapons. You could poison monsters and slowly drain their HP, or hit them with the Wither status and just keep your distance while you wait for them to die. There’s even a nausea effect which can help you to starve other players. These effects make PVP a lot more interesting too, so the Weapon XP mod isn’t just for single player use. You would be doing yourself a favor if you got used to it in solo play before taking it online though.

Weapon XP Mod for Minecraft 1.8 Changelogs

  • Added support for bows.

Download Links for Weapon XP Mod

for Minecraft 1.8 – Forge Required

Credit: MrIbby – Original Thread on Curse

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