Tough As Nails Mod for Minecraft 1.12.2/1.11.2


Tough As Nails is a mod that’s been created specifically for players who feel like they’re skilled at Minecraft and cane take on really tough challenges. Survival mode is one of Minecraft’s biggest attractions, and this is mainly because it’s perfect for hardcore players who want to go against all the odds and try to survive for as long as they can. However, even in spite of its difficulty, there are many players who think that the survival mode could be a bit more challenging and the Tough As Nails mod has been made exactly for this particular audience.


The Tough As Nails mod tries to increase the difficulty of the survival mode as much as possible while making sure that things remain realistic and don’t go over the top. The mod makes a lot of clever changes that enhance the difficulty quite a bit but like adding a thirst mechanic into the game that functions pretty much exactly how thirst works in real life. On top of this, the mod also has a body temperature mechanic that you’ll need to keep in mind because if your character’s body temperature is off, you’re probably going to have a bad time.

Tough As Nails also lowers starting health by a considerable amount so you’ll need to be extra careful when playing survival mode with this mod applied because even taking even the slightest amount of damage can set you back tremendously. On top of all its other features, the Tough As Nails also brings a full-fledged seasons system into the game that’ll keep changing the colors of the grass and foliage according to what season it is. The temperatures of biomes will also keep adjusting depending on the season and this can in-turn have an impact on your character’s body temperature as well.

Body Temperature
Body Temperature
Lowered Starting Health
Lowered Starting Health

Tough As Nails Mod Update Logs

  • Switched to using Glitch Core.
  • Now supports 1.10.2
  • Hopefully fixed potion icons.

How to install Tough As Nails Mod?

  1. Make sure Forge API 1.12.2 is installed.
  2. Download the mod and GlitchCore library.
  3. Put the jar in your mods folder.
  4. Run the game!

Note: Check out the official Tough As Nails wiki for more information about the mod, crafting recipes, and more!

Download Tough As Nails Mod


  1. Probably not, but I want to know, is it possible to make drinks from other mods have an effect on this mod’s thirst system? Thank you beforehand!


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