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BedrockLayer Mod for Minecraft 1.8

The terrain in Minecraft is one of the best parts about the game. Unless you have the world set to spawn as Superflat, there will be hills, tall mountains, deep ravines, rivers, forests, oceans and more. The worlds are varied and detailed, with a number of natural features. It’s pretty nice when you think about it, but there are some ways the world generation could still be improved. For instance, making the bedrock layers at the bottom of the world and the top of the Nether flat and even would help a lot. This thought occurred to someone else too, so they came up with the BedrockLayer mod.

This mod does one very simple thing, which is to make flat the layers of bedrock found at the bottom of the normal world and at the top of the Nether. This is actually great news for people who like to dig to the bottom of the Earth on multiplayer servers because bedrock is the one type of block which can’t be destroyed by any means – not even with crafty cannons firing a combination of TNT and sand. Bedrock is a lovely floor or ceiling, and having even one impenetrable wall on your base can make things a lot easier. Because of this, the BedrockLayer mod is actually pretty cool.


BedrockLayer is compatible with Forge, so it should work with any other Forge mods you might have installed already. Also, because it doesn’t add any overpowered items or game-changing effects to Minecraft, nobody really has anything bad to say about it. This mod is highly useful for those who want to build on or around layers of bedrock, but if you don’t mind making a home on the surface of the world then you will admittedly get very little use from it.

Download Links for BedrockLayer Mod

for Minecraft 1.8 – Requires : Minecraft Forge

Credit: kegare

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