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Better Beginnings Mod for Minecraft 1.8/1.7.10

One of the hardest parts of starting out on any fresh Minecraft world is the actual start itself. On Survival mode, you can get a chest with some basic supplies near the point where you spawn, but you don’t even get that if you play on Hardcore mode, and to top it all off, the gear in those supply chests isn’t even that good. The Better Beginnings mod is perfect for Minecraft players who are sick of struggling to get going when starting a new world. It doesn’t just speed things up though – this mod actually makes starting out take a bit longer than usual.




That’s because the Better Beginnings mod makes it impossible for you to do things like punch blocks of wood out of trees, which in turn makes it impossible to get your hands on useful tools right at the start of the game. You’ll find you spend a lot more time running around looking for villages and other resource sites thanks to this mod. Everything will start out with a flint knife made from two pieces of flint. You can use this to whittle saplings and make sticks, or shred up leather and make strips for binding tools together.



Better Beginnings Mod Showcase:

With a flint hatchet made from flint, leather strips and a stick, you’ll be able to finally chop wood and get into the Minecraft you’re used to playing. The Better Beginnings mod doesn’t make the game unbearably hard, but it does add a lot of time to the “early game” portion of every new world. You’ll be running around looking for temporary shelter and free resources much more than often, and because you need the right tools to gather anything, from wood to dirt, you can’t just dig a hole and spend the night underground once the sun goes down. This mod just makes Minecraft more exciting.

Better Beginnings Mod for Minecraft 1.8 Changelogs

  • Added “shortcut” recipe for leather strips from rabbit hide.
  • Bugfix: Single Workbench closes instantly when opened.
  • Bugfix: Duplication glitch. Don’t go back to an old version to abuse it.
  • Bugfix: Custom names for furnaces appear to not persist after world unload.
  • Bugfix: Rabbits and sheep dropping cooked rabbit and mutton when on fire even when “Flaming animals drop charred meat” is set to true.
  • Bugfix: Recipes involving knives act funny when ProjectE is installed.

How to install Better Beginnings Mod?

  1. Download Forge installer, open it and install
  2. Open the Minecraft launcher and select Forge in the profile list
  3. Click Edit Profile and then Open Game Dir, this opens the game folder
  4. Create a new folder called mods
  5. Download the mod and put it into the mods folder

Download Links for Better Beginnings Mod

for Minecraft 1.8

for Minecraft 1.7.10

Credit: einsteinsci – Original Thread on Minecraft Forum

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