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Double Ore Mod for Minecraft 1.7.10

The Double Ore Mod is fairly self-explanatory. It doesn’t actually double the amount of ore you get from breaking normal blocks, though there are mods that do that exact thing. Instead, this mod adds a number of special double blocks to Minecraft, each of which are based on standard resources – double coal, double iron and double gold blocks, just to name a few. When these special double blocks are broken, they drop twice as much ore. It’s pretty simple, but it can be a bit confusing too since you won’t know you’re actually mining a double block until it breaks.



The Double Ore Mod could use a little work, mostly in the cosmetic sense to make the new blocks look different from the vanilla ones, but it’s a functional mod as is, even if it’s a confusing one. It’s not like you could just rip through the dirt, stone and other blocks to specifically grab the double ore blocks either. Unless you were playing on Creative mode, and then you could just give yourself all the resources you wanted through the game’s menus anyhow. Presently, the Double Ore Mod makes mining a little more fun with occasional bonus ores. That’s just fine, too.

The fact remains there are other mods which do the same thing the Double Ore Mod is doing, except they do it better. Some come with config files which will let you tell ore blocks how many resources to drop upon being broken. Changes like these are universal though, so you wouldn’t end up with some normal and some special blocks; they would all be modified. This is a nice mod to use for world generation when creating an online world for other players to join, or for beefing up the amount of resources in your own, single-player worlds.

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for Minecraft 1.7.10 – Beta – Forge Required

Credit: UchihaLOVER

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