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Invasion Mod for Minecraft 1.7.10

There are quite a few mods out there which focus on ramping up combat difficulty by adding more monsters, or making monsters move more quickly or do more damage on striking the player. These are simple, but fun. However, there’s so much more that could be done besides beefing up a few stats. The Invasion Mod gives players a much greater deal of control over the hostile mobs in their world. With a special select to attack feature, they can direct overpowered mobs to a specific location – like a fortified base built specifically to hold out as long as possible against an endless zombie horde, for example.


The Invasion Mod does more than just make enemies faster or stronger. It actually edits the pathing for many monsters, allowing them to find better ways to access the undefended bits of your base. They will climb ladders, vines and other hanging surfaces to scale walls and creep inside too. Of course, they are faster and stronger to boot, which makes them doubly dangerous and a real threat, unlike those beefcake mobs that just sit on the other side of a wall while you shoot them to death, like in other mods. For now, monsters focus on a nexus, which can be moved and placed wherever you like.

Theoretically, several of these spawner and nexus chains could be created. You might put the nexus at the opposite end of a section of the map, for example, while another player does the same with his spawner and nexus. Then the both of you could try to break each other’s nexus while fighting the beefed up monsters while doing it. If you’ve ever played League of Legends before, you understand the implications of the invasion Mod. It is fun enough already, but it could be one of those amazing mods that lead to a whole new way to play Minecraft.

Invasion Mod for Minecraft 1.7.10 ChangelogS

  • Added: nexus destroyed message
  • Fixed: attack animation for blocks (and nexus)
  • Fixed: pigman hammer render full3D()

Download Links for Invasion Mod

for Minecraft 1.7.10 –  Forge Required

Credit: unstoppableN

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