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Mobshards Mod for Minecraft 1.7.10

The Mobshards Mod adds a single new drop to Minecraft. This can be used in the crafting of a number of weapon and armor items, all of which are also new additions made by this mod. Many of the new crafting recipes also implement rotten flesh, which finally gives players a use for all their zombie meat besides feeding it to their dogs. Items like the Infused Boots, which let players walk on water and lava, or the Rellim Sword, which allows the player to throw lightning bolts at targets, give the player god-like powers. Some people will probably think this mod is broken right off the bat because of this.





Others will thrill in being able to dominate their Minecraft worlds like never before. There are alchemical and magical means for doing a number of other things too, like seeing through walls to discover treasure chests in dungeons, strongholds and nether fortresses. Much of the gear introduced by the Mobshards Mod is powerful and intended for end-game use rather than something you can just get as soon as you load up a new world. The mobshard which is crucial to so many of these recipes is also a fairly rare drop, so you probably won’t have many until you’ve invested some time in your world anyhow.





As for the future of the Mobshards Mod, there are several things the author is still planning to implement. More weapons, armor and items are on the list, but beyond that there are even plans for a new dimension, like the Nether, or the End, except totally custom. There would be a new boss in that special dimension as well. Right now the author is working on getting some of the items into dungeon chests by modifying the world generation process to include them as possibilities. This mod is functional but not yet finished.

Mobshards Mod for Minecraft 1.7.10 Changelogs

  • Fixed – Soul infuser bugs that made it unusable.
  • Added – Rellim Sword.
  • Added – Morgue Sword.
  • Added – Couple blocks and Items that will be used in the future.

Download Links for Mobshards Mod

for Minecraft 1.7.10 – Recommended Forge Version – Forge 1.7.10

Credit: karmawiththenbs – Original Thread on Minecraft Forum

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