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Teleportation Mod for Minecraft 1.7.10

Getting around in Minecraft can take a lot of time when traveling by foot. Using horses, boats and minecarts does increase the player’s movement speed, but sometimes horses aren’t available, players are short on gold and red stone needed for powered rail or players aren’t traveling over water anyhow, making boats useless. None of these are really good for immediate movement either – they won’t save a player who gets into a fight with a much stronger player. That’s why ender pearls are so popular, but those hurt the player a lot depending on the distance traveled. The Teleportation Mod fixes that.



The Teleportation Mod gives players access to about half a dozen different ways to move between point A and point B in a flash. There are swords, tools and other items which will teleport the player to a viewed location (or close) with a single button press. Most of these items require teleportation ore to craft. That can be found at an elevation level of 10 or lower, meaning players who are searching for diamonds around Y: 11 will probably find a few chunks of teleportation ore while they’re at it. In addition to all the craftable items, this ore can also be used to make portals for forming permanent links between two spots.



Warp wands are used to set a point, to which they will return the player when they are used again. A portal wand will quickly carry the user to the nearest portal, or generate one on the spot it is used. The jump wand is very similar to ender pearls in that it makes the player dart to wherever they are looking when it is used. Unlike ender pearls, the jump wand doesn’t injure players with fall damage. Special Bows can be used to set drop points and teleport shot mobs to said points, making them useful for creating farms or collecting villagers in a single spot.

Teleportation Mod for Minecraft 1.7.10 Changelogs

  • Changed Tp Mob to Watcher.
  • Update Checker is now multithreaded.
  • Observer Mob.
  • Changed some textures.
  • Preparations for 2.0.
  • Fixed portal is not lighting in Tp Dimension.

Download Links for Teleportation Mod

for Minecraft 1.7.10

Credit: gegy1000

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