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Beacon Mod for Minecraft 1.8

There are many Minecraft mods which change the way the game works or make updating other mods easier. While they don’t really do much for the game on their own, when you consider how they work with other installed mods, they are still very useful. The Beacon mod is one such mod. When installed and used, Beacon will look at your saved servers list – you know the one, where you keep your favorites so you can rejoin them with a couple clicks, rather than inputting the server IP to join every time. If your Minecraft installation features any outdated or missing mods, Beacon will get them for you.


Now, because the Beacon mod only checks for mods installed on your saved servers, its scope is limited. It won’t pull up mods you’ve never seen before, or suggest any new mods to you. All it will do is look at the servers you have saved, see the mods being used on those servers, and get you the latest version of each of those mods if possible, so you can play using them on single player – or multiplayer, if you happen to be a server host. The process can take a long time depending on how many mods are installed on your favorite servers and how far behind you are with keeping them updated.


Everything is simple and easy though. The Beacon mod will do all the detection on its own and then get right to work getting you the latest versions of any mods it detects. All you need to do is restart Minecraft after Beacon has finished its work and you’ll be ready to play with the latest versions of all your favorite mods. Also, Beacon doesn’t automatically work for every mod out there. There is a list of currently participating mods and new mods are being added to it all the time, as mod authors agree to have their content distributed in this fashion.

Beacon Mod for Minecraft 1.8 Changelogs

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Download Links for Beacon Mod

for Minecraft 1.8 – Require: Forge

Credit: Geforce – Original Thread on Minecraft Forum

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