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Enchanting Plus Mod for Minecraft 1.7.10

Since it was introduced to Minecraft, enchanting has been a kind of hit-or-miss proposition. Because the effects are determined randomly and there’s no way to even read what the table is trying to tell you thanks to the strange language used, you don’t usually get what you’re looking for. On those rare occasions when you do get the enchantment you’re after, it’s usually only after spending all your XP to do it, killing mobs at a grinder for hours and then repeating the process until you succeed. The Enchanting Plus mod does away with the random elements of enchanting by allowing you to pick and choose your buffs!






The Enchanting Plus mod takes the grief and wasted time out of enchanting and helps players make top-level gear the first time around – and that’s all it does. It doesn’t add any new items, new mobs or new building materials. Because it does relatively little to Minecraft, Enchanting Plus typically works even without a modloader like MCPatcher, so extra software isn’t required to make it work. However, those loaders don’t really hurt this mod either, and they will insure that you don’t run into any conflicts with other mods which might not agree with this one, so they are still recommended.

Enchanting Plus Mod for Minecraft 1.7.10 Changelogs

  • Completely rewrote from scratch.
  • Transfer and Repair have be removed until further notice.
  • Sliders will not allow enchantments over what the player can afford.
  • Bookshelves limit how many levels you can enchant.

Download Links for Enchanting Plus Mod

for Minecraft 1.7.10 – Requires Minecraft ModLoader

Credit: Freyjadono – Original Thread on Minecraft Forum

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why doesnt this work for me? i download it like i am supposed to and put it in my mod folder and when i load minecraft in forge and go to make an enchanting table it shows up normal??

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