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Memory Cleaner Mod for Minecraft 1.8

For Minecraft players who mod their game often, the Memory Cleaner mod is a great tool that gets rid of bad coding, unused variables and other garbage data to speed up game performance. It is a relatively new mod and still in development but there is at least one showcase video that shows Memory Cleaner working as described, so it’s still worth checking out. Mods like these can do a lot of harm to a Minecraft install, but there’s proof this isn’t some sort of game-breaking buggy thing. Best of all, this mod is simple enough that anyone can use it, even with little or no knowledge about Java.


As far as mods go, Memory Cleaner is relatively light. It doesn’t contain any new blocks, updated GUIs or other items. It’s just a config file that you can tweak to make the Memory Cleaner mod run on a schedule you design, cleaning as often and deep as you direct it to do. The mod was released some time after Minecraft 1.8 and works with both the most recent version of Minecraft and 1.7. Another nice feature is that some of the features from the config file can be edited while in game, by using a set of commands added by the mod.

So what exactly does the Memory Cleaner mod do? Well, it starts by accessing Java’s Garbage Collector feature, which looks for bits of bad coding and unused variables and deletes them. You get a lot of these when you are using lots of mods, so running it often is best if you mod much. You could theoretically access the Garbage Collector yourself and add some flags to make it very aggressive in deleting garbage data, but this mod does all the work for you automatically. It might even lead to some improved performance in your other programs that use Java, too.

Memory Cleaner Mod for Minecraft 1.8 Changelogs

  • Initial release!
  • Commands added, fixed many crashes, fixed debug output error.

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for Minecraft 1.8

Credit: viniciuslrangel – Original Thread on Minecraft Forum

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