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Mo' Creatures Mod

The Mo’ Creatures Mod presents an enormous mixed bag of distinctive dangerous, and uninvolved crowds into the diversion. All of which serve diverse purposes. This mod is to a great degree special, essentially making Minecraft a more sensible diversion. A more, unsafe amusement.


Minecraft started without crowds, notwithstanding, it was just a matter of time before they were actualized. Both dangerous and stock creatures were made. Both classification’s had few purposes, essentially those for nourishment and experience. Up until this point the main swarms/creatures that have been Implemented Into the amusement are hostiles, including the compelling shrivel supervisor. Sensibly, there are a lot of people more creatures that meander the wild. It might be that Mojang are lethargic when presenting hordes, or they essentially think it unnecessary. In the event that more creatures could be included into the diversion, it would make your reality a ton additionally fascinating, remarkable, and unfriendly.


This mod presents a wide mixture of peculiarities that stray aside from the mods fundamental reason. Utilizing the Mo’ Creatures mod you can be manageable, ride, pet, and ranch a gigantic mixed bag of creatures. Then again, any modder that could exploit hordes would in all likelihood modify even only one gimmick of a creeper. As opposed to doing this, the maker of Mo’ Creatures essentially made more, hazardous and doubly alarming creepers that meander day, and night.


Mo’ Creatures Mod tries to actualize its gimmicks to the amusement without making the diversion to senseless, or silly. Like I said in the recent past, it makes the amusement more sensible. All recently included hordes could be flipped and off to your likings. This gimmick is a simple to utilize menu alternative the mod acquaints consequently with your amusement.
Adventuring in Minecraft is a gigantic part of default gameplay when appreciating Minecraft. The developer of this mod must have genuinely contemplated this thought when planning and creating this astonishing bit of work. Strolling through your reality has never been this fascinating, fun, and energetic without the Mo’ Creatures mod. This mod is to a great degree simple to utilize, just introduce the mod, and your set to go. Be cautious, however, crowds could be unsafe, and it is exhorted you to stay far from the hazardous sorts. Their looks can dole them out so keep your eyes peeled.


The Mo’ Creatures mod presents an immense mixture of hordes. A considerable measure of the crowds will make your life heck, and others will support you in your mission for survival. Players have their own particular assessment on things and regarding the matter of a muddled mod like the Mo’ Creatures mod; there ought to truly be something the players can undoubtedly use to tweak the mods characteristics. Its farfetched that complex mod include a customization GUI segment for the mod. It’s not that the maker has been apathetic. Not everything mods need them. However, mods are made for the diversion of the players.


Mo’ Creatures Mod for Minecraft presents another menu choices which permits you to alter what hordes can bring forth, and which ones can’t. The gimmick additionally allows you to flip distinctive swarms bring forth rates. Just about everything might be modified as indicated by the players likings.

How to install Mo’ Creatures Mod?

  1. First you need to have installed the Forge API and CustomMobSpawner for Minecraft!
  2. After installing Forge, go to .minecraft/mods folder.
  3. Put the Mo’ Creatures mod file in the mods folder.

Download Mo' Creatures Mod

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  • 👨‍💻 DrZharky is the creator of Mo' Creatures Mod

📣 About Project

Developer DrZharky
Last Updated📅 Sep 30, 2021

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Comments (68)

I think someone should get the mod for the mocreatures mod working again. So we can have fairy horses, unicorns and pegasus’ again. I have tried a million times and it isn’t working.

in v6.3.1 im having issues with hostiles spawning everywere!!! its like it upped the spawn rates to the max!! i checked my configs and only a few things seemed not normal…creeper and skelly frequencies were 100!! changing those did not help though. found a ravin and it was completely filled with hostile mobs,i have to delete the mod from my server :{

This is a really good mod with good sounds. Though for some reason my cat bed has weird textures and doesn’t look like the cat bed in the pictures… (By the way I have a few other mods installed and i don’t think thats doing anything to the textures) Please help it looks akward in my house with missing colorful textures. :/

It crashes over LAN (not the host) when certain creatures are encountered.

Did you ever get an answer to this. Mine is doing the same thing. I’m on a MAC, person I’m playing with is on a PC (not sure if that matters). They get a conflict error randomly while we are playing and get booted. When we remove this mod the issue resolves. Anyone have similar issues.

What “.minecraft/mod folder” thing are you talking about? Is it a folder on my laptop? Minecraft? Or Forge???

Well i found a couple of problems with 1.8 u can not tame the baby horses Therefore you cant make Unicorns, Pegasuses, Zorses, Cow Horses, Farie Horses, Or tame Zebras. Plus they fixed the spawn amulet and u cannot spawn in Zorses. Please help i cant do anything. 🙁

It always shows up as either not working once the forge goes through and and if downloaded it shows a as a compressed folder can you try to make it so its not and it doesnt have issues working. I use to have it working but now its not letting me play because this file is crashing my game.

i like it

how do you download a mod??? i have no idea!!

i can type double u so ignore it. You donload mods by… donloading them. You go to your .minecraft folder and make a folder called “Mods.” you put mods in there. You need to donload Forge. start up the minecraft launcher and sitch your account to Forge. And stuff ill ork (So sorry about not being able to type double u)

me neither T_T

(1) Download Forge 1.8 (if you want the mod for 1.8 if not just download the version of forge that you want for the mod).

(2) Download the mod jar. Then go to finder (or folder for windows) and go to the folder minecraft then go to the mods folder (after you have already ran forge in your minecraft) if there is no mods folder just create a folder in the minecraft folder named mods and drag in the jar folder.

(3) run your minecraft and if it doesnt work look it up on a youtube video

I hoped this helped 🙂

You go in windows and write %appdata% then you go to .minecraft
but first you have to donload minecraft forge so when you open .minecraft it is a folder named mods so there you put the files that you donload

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