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RenderCore Mod for Minecraft 1.8

The RenderCore mod is a core mod for Minecraft 1.8 which isn’t yet compatible with MC Forge, but that’s not for a lack of trying. Though it’s still in testing, this mod replaces the rendering hooks which were removed from Minecraft in the transition from 1.7 to 1.8. But what’s a rendering hook, anyhow? Well, rendering is what your graphics processing unit does when it creates, or renders, images, lighting effects, shadows and other bits. The hooks are statements in Java that tell the game when to render what, in what order, and so on. This is not a mod for those with little technical knowledge, that’s a fact.


The RenderCore mod is about more than just light mapping and rendering – without the proper hooks, some specialty blocks added by other mods will render instead as basic chests, having neither the look nor the functionality which was intended by their creator. Like some other mods, this mod is an excellent utility for those looking to make their own mods; a kind of mod for mods to be, so to speak. It’s an invaluable tool if you’re doing your own modding, or if you can’t get your downloaded mods to work correctly.

RenderCore Mod for Minecraft 1.8 Changelogs

  • Added onBlockRenderBrightness to IWorldRenderer.
  • Added SimpleBlockRenderer.
  • Added BlockModelRegisterEvent.

Download Links for RenderCore Mod

for Minecraft 1.8

Credit: Parker8283 – Original Thread on Curse

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